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World Languages

The World Languages German Section hosted its seventh annual “Do Deutsch” German language festival on Monday, Feb. 12 in the Student Union Jordan Ballroom.

Over 400 high school students from Boise, Borah, Capital, Centennial, Kuna, Meridian, Mountain Home, Mountain View, and Timberline High Schools attended the festival.

With a focus on speaking German throughout the event, group activities ranged from a competitive poetry slam with groups from each school interpreting and performing a poem, to a scavenger hunt in which one school representative had to find an item in the room during each round. Individually, the students moved among nine stations and completed a wide variety of cultural and linguistic activities such as memorizing and reciting tongue twisters or deciphering clues from Germany’s 16 federal states’ coats of arms. Upon successful completion of the stations, students received stamps in their “Reisepässe” (passports) and prizes for the most stamps.

Becca Sibrian, lecturer of German, was the lead organizer of this event.