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Broadway Reader Board Coming Down, Closure on Belmont Street

The Boise State reader board on Broadway Avenue will be demolished beginning Monday, Feb. 19. There will be some parking spaces taken offline in the immediate area for approximately one week. The university will begin construction on a new reader board following commencement in May.

In addition, Belmont Street west of Lincoln Avenue and east of Oakland Street will be closed during the week of Feb. 19 for a Boise State irrigation project managed by the Division of Public Works. This portionĀ  of road will be closed for four-six weeks while new storm drainage and irrigation pipes are placed north of the outdoor volleyball courts adjacent to Belmont Street. Pedestrian access to the site will be retained. Oakland Street, just south of Belmont Street, will be closed for a shorter duration while a new irrigation pipe is installed across the street. The project should be completed in early April.