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Teresa Serratt and Karen Theis

Teresa Serratt, associate professor for the School of Nursing, and Karen Theis, alumnae of the School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Leadership program, recently celebrated the publication of their manuscript: “Evaluating Association Degree Nursing Faculty Job Satisfaction” in the April 2018 peer-reviewed journal, Teaching and Learning in Nursing.

Theis graduated from the DNP in Leadership program in May 2017 and this manuscript served as her final scholarly project. The DNP in Leadership program prepares nurses to transform practice environments, lead change in complex health systems, and evaluate and implement strategies that optimize health outcomes. Serratt served as the committee chair for Theis’s scholarly project and continues to serve as a professional mentor.  

“DNP graduates are expected to take a leadership role in crafting meaningful changes that improve health and health care delivery,” said Serratt. “Part of being a leader is sharing the impact of these changes and ‘lessons learned’ so that others may benefit from these experiences. Most of our graduates have never submitted a manuscript for publication so one of our key goals is to mentor them through the publication process in order to enhance these abilities and help them become more confident.”

Serratt and Theis’ manuscript outlines a scholarly project that identifies factors affecting the retention of faculty in Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs. Theis conducted a nation-wide survey of part-time and full-time ADN faculty. The survey identified the factors of dissatisfaction such as salary, organizational policies, and workload and those of satisfaction such as interactions, professional status and autonomy. The manuscript then offers informative and advanced solutions to retain current faculty.

Read the full manuscript, Evaluating Association Degree Nursing Faculty Job Satisfaction.

Read the scholarly project, Evaluating ADN Faculty Job Satisfaction.