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Campus Leaders Receive Funding for Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has funded a proposal for “The BUILD Campus Forums Initiative at Boise State University.”

The initiative will build capacity and commitment toward the long-term vision of establishing and fostering a more diverse, equitable and inclusive Boise State University and will be integrated under the larger Boise State Uniting for Inclusion and Leadership in Diversity (BUILD) initiative. The two-year initiative, funded by HHMI, will offer programs to support participants to consider their own thinking and perspectives on diversity and inclusion, as well as to catalyze individual and collective movement toward Boise State’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The central activity of the BUILD Campus Forums Initiative will begin with two forums the week of Aug. 6-10 (dates to be determined). The first event will engage campus leaders and the second event will be for faculty and staff who will be selected through an application process. Follow-up events will be held through the 2018-19 academic year.

The initiative will be led by Susan Shadle and Tasha Souza from the Center for Teaching and Learning and Donna Llewellyn from the Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives. Additional support from Tony Roark, College of Arts and Sciences; JoAnn Lighty, College of Engineering; and Leslie Webb, Student Affairs. An advisory group of faculty will provide direction, feedback and support for the initiative: Jill Chonody, social work; Marie-Anne de Graaff, biological sciences; David Estrada, materials science and engineering; Alicia Garza, world languages; Reshmi Mukherjee, English; and Arturo Rodriguez, literacy, language, and culture.