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Hani Mehrpouyan

Hani Mehrpouyan recently partnered with fellow researchers Abbas Koohian, Ali A. Nasir, Salman Durrani, Mohammad Azarbad and Steven D. Blostein to propose a new technique for estimating the self-interference (SI) and communication channels in a full-duplex communication system.

Their article, “Superimposed Signaling Inspired Channel Estimation in Full-Duplex Systems,” proposes a communications systems technique that outperforms data-aided channel estimation methods and is robust to an increasing power of the self-interference signal. The article has been accepted by the peer-reviewed European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, and currently is in press.

Mehrpouyan also recently partnered on an article accepted for publication by the journal IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. The article, “Joint Pilot Allocation and Robust Transmission Design for Ultra-Dense User-Centric TDD C-RAN With Imperfect CSI,” considers the unavailability of complete channel state information in ultra-dense cloud radio access networks.