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Bob Casper, Teresa Focarile and Debra Purdy

Bob Casper, 

Bob Casper, Teresa Focarile and Debra Purdy presented at the Intermountain Teaching for Learning Conference at Nevada State College on March 15 and 16.

Casper discussed Open Educational Resources (OER) in a presentation titled “OER: What is Boise State University’s IDEA Shop Doing?” Continuing to build and focus on OER, Boise State’s faculty professional development model, wherein faculty have the opportunity of experiencing professional development on OER through various short and long-term programs, has led to

Teresa Focarile

many successes.

Focarile explored the Center for Teaching and Learning’s use of Sparkshops, 15-minute mobile mini-workshops meant to ignite departmental conversations regarding teaching and learning, in a presentation titled “Sparkshops: Making Faculty Development Timely and Department-Based.”

Purdy led a presentation titled “Conscientiously Creating Conditions for Successful Collaborations in a Technical Communication Service Course” that challenged the audience to reconsider what they define as teamwork.