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Pei-Lin Yu, Mark Plew, Kendall House and John Ziker

Over spring break, the Department of Anthropology co-hosted top researchers and students from across the Pacific Northwest at the 71st Northwest Anthropological Conference. Mark Plew and Pei-Lin Yu served on the local organizing committee.

The conference was a success, with 430 participants. Highlights include:

Pei-Lin Yu Headshot
Pei-Lin Yu

Yu organized a poster session, featuring “Undergraduate Research in the Northwest and Environs using the Binford Hunter-Gatherer Database.” Anthropology students Royce Johnson, Ollie Shannon and Jennifer Pennell presented research on land and resource use among traditional societies of the Pacific Northwest and northern California.

A smiling portrait
Kendall House

Kendall House, College of Innovation and Design, co-presented a panel and workshop on “Design Anthropology in the Pacific Northwest.” Boise State students Katherine Kappelman, Molly Bridle and Phil Merrell served as workshop leaders.

Studio Portrait of Mark Plew
Mark Plew

Plew and Boise State alumnus James Eschenbrenner co-presented the paper, “Bone as Fuel: Implications for Assessing Hunter-Gatherer Mobility.”

Portrait of John Ziker
John Ziker

Plew also co-presented a poster, “Archaeological Excavations at the Swenson Site (10-EL-1417), Southwest Idaho,” with Boise State anthropology students Connor Neal, Weston Wardle and Keana Winninger.

John P. Ziker co-presented a poster, “Women’s Food Sharing in Siberia: Social Network Analyses by Frequencies of Transfers versus Values and Amounts Given,” with Karen S. Fulk.

Anthropology masters student Weston Wardle presented a poster, “Archaeological Expectations Based Upon Resident Fisheries in the Owyhee River.”

Doctoral candidate Karl Mertens, from anthropology/evolution ecology and behavior, presented a paper, “Patterns of mobility among the Evenki of Eastern Siberia.”