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Applications Open for CTL Fall Faculty Learning Communities

The Center for Teaching and Learning will offer a number of Faculty Learning Communities in the fall.

Inclusive Excellence

The Inclusive Excellence (IE) FLC will support faculty efforts to address equity and diversity at the course level, in the context of ongoing campus initiatives around inclusive excellence. Participants will assess resources on IE in the classroom in order to understand the complexity of such efforts and apply principles of IE to pedagogical and course design choices. Applications are due by April 30.

Maker Competencies and Experiential Learning

The Albertsons Library MakerLab and the IDEA Shop invite faculty to explore making—an iterative process of creation that embraces both collaboration and individual expression. FLC participants will focus on interdisciplinary problem-solving as well as innovative teaching techniques in support of such maker competencies. Applications are due by May 5.

Mobile Learning Scholars

The Mobile Learning Scholars Faculty Community facilitates the exploration of questions about teaching, learning, and collaboration in an information-rich, “connect anywhere and anytime” environment made possible by mobile technologies such as tablet devices and smartphones. The program is cohort-based to provide faculty with a supportive and shared experience as they explore how mobile devices affect such instructional variables as student learning, interaction, communication, collaboration, and fieldwork. Applications are due by Aug. 10.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Faculty in this community will explore current SoTL work in their disciplines. SoTL research might look significantly different from instructors’ disciplinary research; through this FLC, participants will learn how to apply their skills as researchers and teachers to SoTL. Participants will be supported by the FLC facilitator to explore how to design and begin a study, implement and manage a study, and share research results. Applications are due by Aug. 10.

Video and Emerging Technologies

Want to add engaging video content into your courses, but you don’t know where to start? In this FLC, we will walk you through the best practices of creating video presentations and show you how to integrate them effectively into your teaching. We’ll also investigate emerging technologies such as interactive video and virtual and augmented reality and explore their applications within higher education. Applications are due by Aug. 17.

Language Diversity and Teaching

The CTL has partnered with Boise State’s English Language Support Programs to offer an extended experience to help faculty be prepared for and take advantage of our increasingly cross-cultural and multi-lingual classrooms.