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Yonnie Chyung, Lisa Giacumo and Crystal Han

Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) faculty and graduate students presented at the International Society for Performance Improvement’s annual performance improvement conference April 5-10 in Seattle.

Yonnie Chyung
Yonnie Chyung

Professor Yonnie Chyung, with graduate students Theresa Brittain, Jie Chen Mark Morgan and Tammy Wheeler, presented “Conducting Evaluations with a 10-step Procedure.” Chyung also presented “Evidence-based Survey Design with Likert Scales” with graduate student Megan Kennedy.

Portrait of Lisa Giacumo.
Lisa Giacumo

Assistant professor Lisa Giacumo presented “Working Together: Performance Improvement, Employers, Academics and Students, and Designing E-Learning for Cross-Cultural Global Workplace Needs,” as well as facilitated a round-table discussion regarding performance improvement and HR relevance in the data age.

Giacumo also presented “Manage Cognitive Load to Increase Training Transfer” with graduate student Sabrina Johnson.

Portrait of Soo Jeoung Han
Soo Jeoung “Crystal” Han

In addition, assistant professor Crystal Han presented “How Can We Accelerate the Formation of Creative Project Teams?”