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Eric Lindquist

Eric Lindquist recently participated in the 2018 European Geosciences Union General Assembly┬áin Vienna, Austria. He presented two contributions to the assembly, including a poster, “Geospatial Big Data for decision making: the view from the bottom,” for the union-wide interdisciplinary session, “Big data and machine learning in geosciences.”

The second contribution was a presenting interactive content presentation, “The coming convergence of Big Data and socio-hydrology: implications, challenges and opportunities,” for the hydrology and society section, “Transdisciplinary approaches to hydrology and water resources management.” Both contributions presented findings based, in part, on research conducted by the Lindquist Policy Research Group and funded through grants from the National Science Foundation and NASA.

Lindquist also participated in the annual Vienna Catchment Science Symposium, sponsored by the Technical University Vienna’s Doctoral Programme on Water Resources Systems. The symposium brought together international water systems experts to discus the theme of “23 unsolved problems in hydrology that would revolutionize research in the 21st century.”