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OFC System Down April 27-May 1

The university’s OFC accounting, procurement and grants management system will be down from noon Friday, April 27, through Tuesday, May 1, for an update designed to improve functionality.

Helpful Hints

1. Month-end deadlines will be extended, in a separate email, to those impacted

2. Accounts Payable payments – If you run into an emergency regarding a payment to a supplier during this time period, please contact Alicia Dillon at

3. You can run reports on the morning of April 27

Account Analysis

Transaction Dashboards – export to excel

Since no transactions will be processed during the downtime, these reports will be accurate until the system is available again.

4. Scheduled Reports – if you have any reports scheduled to run during the down period, they will process as soon as the system is available.  You do not have to reschedule anything.

5. Questions – If you need help or have a question about this and aren’t sure who to call, just submit a question electronically using UFS-OCI’s service request. Type in your name, department and phone number/email and your question in the request details box.  No need to fill out all of the form. We will forward your question to the right person for you. The link to this form is here.

We understand this may impact plans and apologize for the inconvenience. We will notify campus once OFC is back up.