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Join the Boise State Team for May in Motion

Photo of a campus tour biking through campus.

The sun is out and May in Motion is right around the corner – now is the perfect time to start planning your new spring commute. May in Motion is a chance for Boise State employees to team together and receive public recognition for a level of achievement and commitment to smarter commuting. By logging in your bike, walk, bus, carpool, skateboard or other alternative commuting method, you are eligible to win prizes for promoting sustainable transportation.

Using an alternate commuting method as few as four times in May will qualify.

Rather than competing as individual departments, the entire Boise State campus will participate as a team. All students, faculty and staff participating in May in Motion should log your commutes online at Share The Ride Idaho for the Boise State team no later than Thursday, May 31.

All logged trips will be automatically counted toward Boise State team efforts and will be entered for program prizes.

The Share the Ride Idaho website (and app) work like a Google form, saving your daily commute in the system and calculating calories burned and the CO2 emissions you’re saving through an alternative commute. As an added bonus, this platform can help you find a carpool to join or bicycling buddies to ride with if you wish to do so.

In addition, the form automatically enters participants into May in Motion and makes them eligible for year-round prizes. Additional competitions will be announced weekly throughout the May in Motion campaign. Categories will include Best Dressed Commuter, Funniest Commuter, and most Creative Commute. Watch for announcements.

And if you need more reasons to participate, consider that over 80 percent of Treasure Valley commuters drive a car to work and most drive alone. With more than 250,000 commuters in the valley, this leads to lots of cars on the road. Not only does extra traffic waste gas, money and time, it also causes wear and tear on roads and adds pollution to the air.