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Randi McDermott Named Vice President for Campus Operations

Randi McDermott

Randi McDermott has been named vice president for campus operations, replacing Kevin Satterlee who is leaving to serve as president of Idaho State University.
McDermott has been with Boise State since 2003, serving as special assistant to the president and chief of staff. She is a member of the Executive Team and the Administrative Council, and has represented the president on various internal committees, including the Information Technology Governance Council, the Facilities Planning Council and the Policy Group.

“Randi has been an integral part of our university’s success for the past 15 years,” President Bob Kustra said. “She has an intimate knowledge of all parts of campus, a deep understanding of the countless issues demanding the administration’s attention, and a love of Boise State and the people who make it the great university that it is today.”

Prior to arriving at Boise State, McDermott served the Boise State Board of Trustees on the Idaho State Board of Education for 10 years, the majority of which was focused in policy, planning and legislative affairs.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in public administration from Boise State.

“I hope that each and every one of you goes home at night feeling proud of your contribution to Boise State,” McDermott wrote to the operations staff on Thursday. “Your efforts are evident all across campus — from the beautiful landscape, well-maintained facilities, constant shuttle trips and abundance of new construction to the top notch events, food and gathering spaces. Your commitment is also evident in the strength and value of our brand, the fairness and equity that has been assured from compliance and ethics, and especially in that feeling of security, warmth and welcome that comes across to our students, faculty, staff and visitors.”

McDermott assumes the new role on May 16 and remains acting chief of staff through Boise State’s presidential transition.