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Capital Project Need Requests Due May 15

As of January 2018, all Boise State Capital Project Needs must be reviewed and approved in accordance with University Policy #9170. A Capital Project Need Request (CPNR) form is required for this review.

Departments with upcoming capital projects should submit requests via the CPNR form link listed below by May 15. If your department already has submitted a CPNR, and the project did not receive High Priority, you may re-submit during this time. If re-submitting, reference your prior CPNR number and explain any changes to scope and/or funding when applying.  

Capital projects that will cost less than $10,000 to complete are excluded from this policy’s approval phases; however, these projects still must be submitted for consideration through the Capital Project Need Request (CPNR) form. If a project is routine and/or preventative maintenance, it should be submitted as a work order through the iServiceDesk. 

If you have questions or concerns related the to CPNR process, please contact Drew Alexander at or (208) 426-1268.