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Karen Hammond is Boise State’s Professional Staff of the Year

Karen Hammond
Karen Hammond

Boise State’s Professional Staff Association has selected Karen Hammond, student support manager from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, as the winner the 2018 Professional Staff of the Year Award.

Hammond earned her degree at Boise State and has been a Boise State employee for 14 years. Staffers from across the university, as well as community members, school children, former students and departmental colleagues, all submitted letters on Hammond’s behalf. Colleagues described her as “passionate,” “generous,” “bright,” “selfless” and “simply exceptional.”

A statement from the Professional Staff Association reads:

“An individual who puts students first in every interaction, Karen is dedicated to not only meeting the needs of our students at Boise State, but is engaging future generations, sparking a love and interest in science in them as well. In her department, she has served as an instructor, advisor, student advocate and is a leader, keeping all aspects of the department running from managing the concurrent enrollment program and service on committees, to coordination of classes and instructors, HR initiatives and department finances. Her outreach activities not only involve tours and meetings with prospective students and transfer students, but also increasing the accessibility of her science field to kids and underserved populations.”

Hammond also has worked with Henry Charlier, a Boise State associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, since 2011 on an outreach program designed to excite school children’s interest in STEM subjects. The two, touring as “Lady Argentum” and “Dr. Picklestein” respectively, have worked with more than 40,000 students through the program.

“Karen presents her┬ádemonstrations with confidence showing young girls in the audience that women make amazing scientists,” read the statement from the Professional Staff Association.

Hammond is a die-hard Bronco fan. She has had the same football tickets since 1971. She’s held basketball season tickets for most of those years as well.