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Boise State’s Magic Valley Graduates Celebrate Commencement in Twin Falls

Twin Falls graduation, May 9.

Boise State University held its 22nd annual commencement ceremony May 9 for graduates of courses and online programs in Twin Falls.

Boise State awarded 48 undergraduate and 17 graduate degrees. Of the 65 graduates, 12 were eligible for honors: three cum laude and nine magna cum laude.

Boise State’s outreach location at the College of Southern Idaho coordinated the ceremony, which took place in the college’s Fine Arts Auditorium. The intimacy of the Twin Falls ceremony made it possible for each graduate to give a statement of thanks to friends and family as they accepted their diplomas.

“The Boise State Twin Falls graduation is an opportunity to celebrate the moms, the dads, the sisters, the brothers, the sons, and the daughters who have all followed their academic passions and accomplished a monumental feat. Boise State allows these individuals to pursue their educational goals without leaving the Magic Valley,” said Christy Bowman, coordinator of the Boise State Center at CSI.

Pete Risse, associate dean of Extended Studies, shared his thoughts about the value of maintaining a Boise State presence in the Magic Valley.

“Our long-term, collaborative partnership with the College of Southern Idaho and our business partners that employee Boise State graduates help prepare students to meet the unique needs of this area. I anticipate growth and diversity in our graduates in the coming years as we continue to introduce new programs to the Magic Valley and beyond via online delivery. We’re immensely proud of our 2018 graduates and look forward to seeing how they will contribute to their home communities moving forward.”

Twin Falls graduation