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Venture College Partners with Local Organization to Provide Programs for Veterans

veterans program participants

Boise State’s Venture College is working with Mission43 — a group that includes the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation and three veterans organizations — to provide opportunities for M43 members to get their own startups running with help from Venture College courses and activities.

Events in the “Startup Garage” have included a recent “Pitch and Mix” that let aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their startup ideas to fellow students, mentors and subject experts who offered feedback and advice. A mixer followed the pitch session, giving participants the chance to mingle with leaders from the local business and service communities.

“The presenters recognized the value in the program and the culminating presentation,” said Brian Von Herbulis, retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps and a program leader. “The volunteers provided great feedback and I know the presenters appreciated it.  I’m confident we achieved the goal of providing inspiration, tools and resources and a local network to carry their ideas forward.”

Those who pitched their ideas include Anne Madden, a veteran spouse and  owner/operator of Proximity Physical Therapy, a telehealth physical therapy practice; Peter Paulin, a veteran spouse and owner/operator of PMP Graphics specializing in commercial vehicle vinyl wraps; Seth Dahl, a veteran and owner/operator of Big Cedar Media, a film production company; Jeremey Rausch, a veteran and craft beer brewer who wants to start a craft beer operation in Riggins, Idaho;  Andrew Collins, a veteran who  wants to start an aquaponics growing operation to support local food banks, grocery stores and restaurants with fresh produce 365 days a year, and veteran Chris Wadsworth who wants to open a restaurant specializing in fresh, local food.