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Eric Jankowski

Eric Jankowski was featured in Prism Magazine, the most popular magazine covering engineering education in the U.S., produced by the American Society of Engineering Education.

Jankowski’s recent five-year, $500,000 NSF CAREER grant was featured in the magazine. Jankowski is using computational simulations to figure out how best to arrange the molecules of advanced carbon-based materials so that they can efficiently convert sunlight to electricity.

The article begins: “Prices for solar panels are falling. Accordingly, the global market for them is skyrocketing. But imagine how demand for renewable, carbon-free solar power would truly soar if commercial-size solar panels could be made for virtually pennies. That’s the promise of organic photovoltaics (OPVs), which are made from polymers instead of silicon. Potentially, says Eric Jankowski, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering at Boise State University, the energy they produce would cover their costs within a week. “After that, you’re generating free power; you’re printing yourself money …”

It soon will be available here: