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Boise State’s Interactive Map Includes Public Safety Features

Boise State University Department of Public Safety recently created a public safety campus tour as part of the Boise State interactive map.

The map is available to the campus community and to the public online. It shows locations on campus of automatic external defibrillators, emergency “blue light” phones, and “refuge” phones.

A refuge phone is a phone located in an “area of refuge” of a building — typically a stairwell or elevator area — where someone in need of help can call the Department of Public Safety’s communications center (2245 University Dr.) at all times. All new buildings on campus have refuge phones, said Ryan Lawrence, public safety coordinator.

Boise State University Department of Public Safety is among the first universities in the country to use its  interactive campus map for public safety purposes. A national study of the 25 safest college campuses in the U.S. ranked Boise State 11th based on factors like campus size, types of crimes reported, and other measures. The same study ranked Boise State as the safest college campus in Idaho.

Link to the Tour: Boise State public safety campus tour

Link to the Map: Boise State campus safety map

For more information about safety on campus, email Ryan Lawrence at  or