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Department of Radiologic Sciences

The Department of Radiologic Sciences faculty and students attended the 2018 Idaho Society of Radiologic Technologists (ISRT) annual conference and celebrated many successes.

Four groups of Boise State students won awards at the ISRT conference. Awards included:

Student Investigational Essay Competition

First Place: Brianna Arevalo, Diana Lagunas and Yewen Wu

Second Place: Alyssa Canegaly, Taylor Sievers and Ingred Stokes

Third Place: Leah Koehler, Emma Peeler and Brenda Vazquez

Student Investigational Exhibit Competition

Second place: Natalie Christiansen, Kaila Paxton and Alexia Stanfield

Two Boise State faculty members, Catherine Masters and Erica Wight were elected to leadership positions within the society. Masters will serve as the membership/treasurer while Wight will serve as the president elect.

Boise State’s Department of Radiologic Sciences’ first program director, Duane Akroyd traveled back to Boise to celebrate with the first graduating class of the program. This year marked the 40th anniversary of that first class graduating from Boise State in 1978. In addition to celebrating with the members of the ‘78 class, Akroyd took time to meet with current faculty and gave a talk at the conference related to research and publishing in imaging sciences. Akroyd currently serves as a professor of educational leadership, policy and human development at North Carolina State University.

Congratulations to all the students who won an award and to the faculty members who gained leadership positions within the society.