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Lily Lee

Lily Lee’s works,  The Shroud of Bittercreek Betty and The Shroud of Devil’s Gate Jane Doe, have been selected for the exhibition “Soft Goods,”  showing through July 28 at VAE Raleigh’s Martin Street Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Work by Lily Lee
The Shroud of Bittercreek Betty, Lily Lee, 2018.

Victor Lytvinenko, co-founder and designer of Raleigh Denim Workshop, juried the exhibition.

Both pieces in “Soft Goods” are from Lee’s current body of work, The Great Basin Murders. Lee handweaves burial shrouds to commemorate the victims of the Great Basin Murders, crimes that took place across the West, including Idaho, from the mid-1980s to mid-1990s. Lee uses a weaving software program to develop original patterns based on data from the crime scenes, including victims’ height, weight, age, the GPS coordinates of the sites where their bodies were found and more.

Work by Lily Lee
The Shroud of Devil’s Gate Jane Doe, Lily Lee, 2018.

Lee also has a piece in the exhibition “Fiber Options” which is on display through July 21 at Maryland Federation of Art’s Circle Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland.

Juror Jeanne Medina, independent artist and Fountainhead Fellowship recipient said, “The works I selected demonstrate an urgency to express and to grapple with our experience through materiality.”