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Visual Arts Center Opens New Exhibition Season With Aug. 30 Event

work by Reni Gower
Work by Reni Gower, featuring in “Pulped Under Pressure.”

The Visual Arts Center will open its 2018-2019 season with an opening event in both galleries from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 30, free and open to all.

“Pulped Under Pressure” will continue through Oct. 25 in the Visual Arts Center/Hemingway Center Room 110.

With traditional hand paper making at its core, “Pulped Under Pressure” encourage contemplation even as they urge acknowledgement of current issues. The artists’ multifaceted projects start simply with a foundation of pulp made from natural fibers then incorporate a rich range of printmaking, letterpress, paper cutting, sculpture and installation techniques with a diversity of recycled disposable materials. The featured artists consider paper beyond its most common function as a passive surface of record or craft, transforming it and embedding it with meaning.

Work by Eli Craven and Maria Chavez
Work by Eli Craven and Maria Chavez featured in “Swimming and Diving.”

“Swimming and Diving” will continue through Oct. 29 in the Visual Arts Center/Liberal Arts Building Room 170

The project “Swimming and Diving” by Boise artists Maria Chavez and Eli Craven started with the discovery of a set of American Red Cross safety manuals. From a contemporary point of view, the contents of the manuals contained narrow representations of safety. The artists used them as a springboard to explore ideas of precaution, rescue, and human value. The installation confronts the subject matter in the manuals while exploring the physical relationship between the image and the object, movement and containment, and how a safety manual can be experienced in a physical space.