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Steve Cutchin, Fonda Portales

Steve Cutchin, director of the Computer Science Visualization Lab, and Fonda Portales, university art curator and collections manager, presented on a recent panel organized by the Idaho Virtual Reality Council at Boise State’s downtown campus.

Cutchin and Portales shared a preview of new visual content that will be part of Boise State’s World Museum in its new art building now under construction. A team of students and professors from Boise State traveled to Los Angeles and San Francisco this summer to capture the images — 360 photographs and video of cultural sites and public art as well as digitized Mesoamerican codex facsimiles. Portales and Cutchin discussed how immersive captures meet at the intersection of tech and art and examined the role of VR and immersive environments as art educational tools.

The panel, moderated by Preston Lewis, co-founder and CCO of Black Box VR, also included Melanie Fales, executive director of the Boise Art Museum, and Jane Tharpe, board president of GEM Center for the Arts.