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Welcome Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic

Bronco hot air balloon

Boise State University wants to welcome the Spirit of Boise and all its participants. The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic will take place through Sept. 4 and, depending on the day and the weather, participants may be landing on campus.

Balloon landings on campus grounds are welcome (except inside Albertsons Stadium). Participants have been asked to use caution as there is heavy pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle traffic throughout the day.

To help welcome Spirit of Boise participants when landing on campus, we encourage staff and faculty lend a helping hand (e.g. assist in packing up the balloon, carrying the balloon, providing access to a restroom). Feel free to welcome visitors by utilizing social media along with #BoiseState #SpiritofBoise.

It is encouraged that landings take place in very clear, open areas of grass with little to no people nearby. Additionally, it has been requested that no vehicles are to enter grass areas and they must stay in designated driving lanes, roadways or parking lots. If it is absolutely necessary to access a grass space, participants are encouraged to contact Landscape Services for assistance. Finally, Boise State Public Safety is aware of the event and ready to assist if needed.

How to Welcome Spirit of Boise Participants:

Welcome a balloon as it lands

Snap a photo of the balloon and/or its participants

Post the photo on social media  Twitter: @BoiseStateLive

Use #BoiseState and #SpiritofBoise