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Brian Hodges

Brian Hodges co-authored a book titled “Cello Secrets: Over 100 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Cellist.” It was published by Rowman and Littlefield in July.

A summary of the book: “Cello Secrets” explains over 100 of the most helpful insider tricks cellists use to master the instrument. With each technique carefully explained and illustrated, the book serves as an accessible textbook for all advanced cello players, from talented teenagers to college students, to conservatory pre-professionals. This book guides advanced students through technical maintenance and performance preparation, helping them beyond what can be covered in lessons. Co-written by Brian Hodges and Jo Nardolillo, these tips grow from extensive study of the art of high-level teaching with many of today’s leading pedagogues, and have been developed into strategies, tricks, and techniques that are taught in masterclasses and seminars around the country.

The book provides:

  • Insightful Information
  • Demystifying Cello Technique
  • Troubleshooting
  • Practical tips and advice
  • Experienced professionals talking from their own career

“Cello Secrets” organizes these ideas into a single book, and will have great value for private teachers and as a textbook in cello pedagogy courses. Professionals and skilled amateurs can use the text as a guidebook in improving their own skills.

In addition, Hodges wrote a featured article for The Strad magazine on performance anxiety and memorization in the June issue.