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Don Winiecki, Tim Andersen and Carl Siebert

Members of the Computer Science Professionals’ Hatchery project presented in the third NSF REDCON conference, July 9-10 in Arlington, Virginia.

Don Winiecki, professor in the department of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning and the computer science department, presented a paper titled “Incorporating Focused Professional Skills, and Inclusion, Diversity and Social Justice into the Computer Science Curriculum.”

Tim Andersen, professor of computer science, presented a poster detailing administrative, curricular and industry collaboration activities developments designed to produce sustainable change in computer science education.

Carl Siebert, assistant professor in the College of Education and director for the Program Evaluation and Research Lab, participated in a seminar describing evaluation systems employed to measure effects of program interventions.

The REDCON (Revolutionizing Engineering [and Computer Science] Departments’ annual conference) is an annual meeting of university departments that have received National Science Foundation (NSF) funding under the RED program. Boise State’s computer science department and its Computer Science Professionals Hatchery is one of only 19 engineering and computer science departments nationwide that have received funding under the RED program. The CSP Hatchery project, funded by a $2 million NSF award, is led by faculty Tim Andersen, Amit Jain, Noah Salzman, Don Winiecki and Dianxiang Xu, with Carl Siebert as evaluator.