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Trailhead and Venture College Connect to Offer Internships and More

Fully leveraging the power of the combined resources of Trailhead and Venture College, the two have joined together to provide students the greatest possible engagement with the Boise startup culture, as well as skills development and professional pathways opportunities.

Fall events include the new Trailmix Competition as well as the general Pitch Competition held during Trailhead’s Boise Startup Week, Oct. 17 -19 in downtown Boise.

Albertsons Trailmix Pitch Competition

Trailmix is an exciting new event created to showcase new and innovative food product companies from around the Northwest. This event will create awareness for the food entrepreneurs and startups competing and give them networking opportunities with, industry leaders, investors and other companies.

Trailmix is presented by Albertsons at Trailhead, in partnership with the Food Track of Boise Startup Week and supported by the Boise State Venture College. Students can build their decks, practice their pitches and receive coaching at the Venture College. Prizes include engagement with the Albertsons Research team and placement in stores. Learn more about the Trailmix competition and sign up here.

$10,000 Pitch Competition

This pitch competition hosted by the Venture College offers students an opportunity to pitch for $10,000 in total prize money. It is also an outstanding networking opportunity. Students can build their decks, practice their pitches and receive coaching at the Venture College. Learn more and sign up here for the pitch competition here.

Venture College Internship Program

This cutting-edge program gives Boise Trailhead member startups and businesses access to the Venture College Internship program. Among many benefits, the internship provides great immersion opportunities into the Boise ecosystem and also helps students develop lasting relationships and networks that can help them whether they go on to start a business of their own or not. New Trailhead executive
director, Tiam Rastegar, sees the Alliance as a real win-win.

“This opportunity to engage with the Venture College Internship program is a powerful catalyst that will provide Trailhead members with unprecedented assistance as they build their businesses.” The program also supports the Venture College goal to introduce students to real world, startup experiences,” Rastegar said.

According to Venture College Associate Director Ryan Vasso, “Trailhead is an essential player in the fullest development of Venture College students both as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. And we believe that Trailhead also benefits from their access to Venture College facilities as well as their interaction with our students.”