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President Schimpf Names Alicia Estey Chief of Staff and Chief Compliance Officer

Alicia Estey

In an effort to escalate to the highest level Boise State University’s efforts to combat discrimination, to continue to advance our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to designate a liaison for the State Board of Education, Interim President Martin Schimpf has named Alicia Estey the president’s Chief of Staff and Chief Compliance Officer.

Estey will oversee:

• Diversity and Inclusion
• Title IX
• Institutional Compliance
• NCAA Compliance
• Quality Assurance
• Policy
• Internal Audit
• Trademark and Licensing
• Sponsorships

“Boise State doesn’t see compliance as merely an obligation, but a responsibility to our campus community and an opportunity to make Boise State a safe and welcoming environment and an example for other institutions,” Estey said. “I am honored to work with such devoted and skilled colleagues in these areas and across campus, and look forward to the next steps we will take together.”

Estey has been managing many of these areas (among others) as the senior associate vice president of campus operations and the university’s chief compliance officer, positions she has held since March 2017. She has held multiple positions at Boise State over the course of about 12 years.

Schimpf said it was essential to house these key oversight functions at the highest level at the university to ensure they are perceived and operated as the top priorities they are.

“The safety, belonging and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is of the utmost importance to Boise State,” Schimpf said. “And Alicia has clearly demonstrated her capability as a leader in these areas, which will remain among the university’s top priorities.”

From 2013-2017, Estey served the university by overseeing compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, managing agency audits and supervising investigations of discrimination-based complaints in the position of executive director of Institutional Compliance and Ethics.

She joined Boise State in 2007 as the special assistant to then-Vice President of Finance Stacy Pearson. Thereafter she served in various roles in Finance and Administration including policy analyst, regulatory compliance officer and director of tax. Before her time at Boise State, Estey worked in the tax department at the J.R. Simplot Company. She recently was elected to the Boise School Board.