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Boise State’s Impact Across the Globe

World map with Boise State global projects marked in orange dots


Canada: A team of Boise State MBA students were part of the Hult Prize Competition in Toronto looking to find solutions for world energy issues.

Russia: Boise State alumna Lauren Stein McLean, president of the Boise City Council, led a political exchange program to Russia Sept. 8-18 organized by the American Council of Young Political Leaders. The group explored governance, politics and policy.

Antarctica: Dylan Mikesell in the Department of Geosciences is monitoring Antarctic ice melt using seismic techniques normally used to monitor earthquakes.

Australia: Boise State’s Center for Health Policy partnered with the University of Melbourne to implement Boise State’s Community Apgar Program examining issues surrounding physician retention and recruitment in rural Australia.

Belize: The Educational Leadership Program’s Belize Project offers students the chance to learn about the country’s culture, traditions, politics and education system.

Belgium: Nicole Molumby, Leslie Moreau and Barton Moreau, Department of Music, performed as part of a world premiere at the International Clarinet Association in Ostend.

Brazil: Royce Hutson, School of Social Work, worked with colleagues to devise counting methods for mortality in high conflict and disaster areas (also in Lebanon).

Chile: Emily Wakild, Department of History, taught at the University Studies Abroad Consortium and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Chile: Brittany Brand, Department of Geosciences, studied an active volcano in Chile to learn why some normally docile volcanoes sometimes turn explosive and deadly.

China: A Human Environment Systems project looked at forest management and deforestation rates across several years in China, as well as in the Himalayas, Bhutan, Nepal, India and Myanmar.

China: Francis Fox, Department of Art, was part of an international exhibition, and one of his sculptures is now permanently installed in Ningbo.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Human Environment Systems project looked at the effects of industrial logging on tropical forests, including in the second largest remaining tropical forest in the world, home to many of the world’s most threatened animal species.

Germany: Damien Wright, Frank Church Scholar, interned with the Department of Defense European Command Headquarters.

Greece: Lisa Meierotto, School of Public Service, and Michail Fragkias, College of Business and Economics, are researching sustainable development, and the intersections between environmental, social and economic sustainability in modern Greece.

Greece: Phil Atlakson, Department of Theater, Film and Creative Writing, had the European premiere of the Greek translation of his play, “The Mystic of Lincoln County,” in Thessaloniki.

Greenland: Hans-Peter Marshall, Department of Geosciences, collected data on a 3,000-mile traverse to map historical snowfall and snowmelt rates.

Italy: Anika Smulovitz, Department of Art, was part of an exhibition at the Museum of Jewelry in Vicenza.

Italy: The Department of History’s The Libarna Urban Landscapes Project is bringing new technologies to the study of Libarna, a 2000-year-old city in northwest Italy.

Jamaica: Boise State’s Alternative Spring Break offers students a chance to give back by helping build schools, cafeterias, playgrounds and more in Jamaica.

Japan: Lonny Ashworth, Department of Respiratory Care, has been teaching health care professionals in Japan for the past 20 years.

Kenya: Boise State student club “International Climate Team” has partnered with the TransAfrican HydroMeteorological Observatory since 2013. They connect local public schools to schools across the world in an effort to address a global need for increased climate and environment monitoring. International partners also are located in Rwanda, Costa Rica and the Netherlands.

Kenya: Michelle Arnett and Sarah Toevs, Center for the Study of Aging, recently completed an exploratory trip to western Kenya to identify international, interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students.

Kenya: Uwe Reischl, Department of Community and Environmental Health, is conducting research on ventilation design on cookstoves used in Kenyan homes.

Malaysia: Susan Esp, School of Social Work, completed a Fulbright specialist assignment hosting a series of workshops on psychological intervention in addiction treatment.

Mozambique: Several Boise State projects are active in Gorongosa National Park.

Nepal: Neil Carter, Human-Environment Systems, studies the influence of human disturbance on wildlife, stemming from his tiger research in Nepal.

New Zealand: Caroline Earley and Kate Walker, Department of Art, were part of an international exhibition, The Arrow, in Queenstown.

Palestine: Dzenita Spiodic, Frank Church Scholar, interned with Project Hope, an organization that provides educational and recreational activities for children.

Poland: Lynn Lubamersky, Department of History, will teach at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland in fall 2019.

Saipan: Boise State just entered into a partnership with Million Dollar Scholars, a Saipan support network to help students get to college.

South Korea: Don Winiecki, College of Engineering, is working with a South Korean braille technology to research tactile graphics and maps for blind travelers and readers.

South Korea: The work of Chad Erpelding, Department of Art, was part of a group exhibition in Gimpo-si.

Spain: Julie Oxford, Department of Biological Sciences, is investigating psoriatic arthritis with the Spanish National Cancer Research Center.

Spain: Edward “Mac” Test, Department of English, helped translate a 400-year-old play based on the life of a Basque woman into English for the first time.

Taiwan: Del Parkinson worked with 400 piano students in a program sponsored by the National Guild of Piano Teachers.

Vietnam: A partnership between Boise State and the National Economics University in Hanoi brings Vietnamese students to study at Boise State.

Israel: Boise State Rhodes Scholar finalist Rachael Elena Gallina worked with Syrian refugees in Jordan, aided community development in Swaziland and served in a variety of social empowerment efforts in the Balkans, Israel, Palestine and Boise.