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University Reducing Fees for Summer Courses

Next summer, Boise State University is cutting the cost of credits for most students at both the undergraduate and graduate level in order to encourage students to enroll in summer classes and stay on track to graduate.

Undergraduate Idaho residents who enroll in summer 2019 classes will pay just $280 per credit. That rate is 20 percent less than this fall semester’s part-time rates and less than last summer’s rate of $305 per credit. As part of the rate cut, non-resident students also will receive a more than 50 percent discount from fall semester’s part-time rates, with a per-credit rate of $315. (Additional course fees may apply for online and self-supported programs.)

“We know that enrolling in summer classes helps students to timely graduation,” said Regina Jenkins, director of summer sessions. “With this new discount, we’re hoping to allow more students the opportunity to take summer classes.”

The rate changes are a result of a Boise State working group, which identified many benefits of increasing summer enrollment. Students who enroll in summer courses have improved on-time graduation rates, which lowers the overall cost of education. Summer courses also allow students the opportunity to improve career readiness without sacrificing on-time completion by taking advantage of internships, study abroad and electives in other disciplines. In fact, 72 percent of last year’s first time, full-time freshmen who graduated within four years took a summer class during their Boise State tenure.

For many students, taking the recommended 15 credits or more a semester is challenging due to other commitments in their lives. For instance, 57 percent of Boise State’s recent alumni worked full time while completing their undergraduate degrees. Summer classes give students the chance to catch up or get ahead without falling behind on their other responsibilities.

During the summer semester, Boise State offers flexible three-week, five-week, seven-week, 10-week and 14-week sessions. The university also offers more than 300 classes online – giving students maximum flexibility to take classes while working, traveling or enjoying other summer activities.

Registration for summer classes will begin Feb. 19, 2019. The course schedule will be available Dec. 9, 2018. Learn more about summer sessions at Boise State University at