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Basque Studies Program to Screen Award-Winning Basque Film ‘Handia’

The Basque Studies Minor at Boise State University will participate in Euskaraldia, a worldwide initiative to promote the Basque language, Nov.23-Dec.3.

The program will screen the Basque film “Handia” at 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 30, in the Simplot/Micron Advising and Success Hub (SMASH), room 116. The screening is free and open to the public.

“Handia” (“Giant” in English), is based on the life of Miguel Joaquin Eleizegui Arteaga. Born in 1819 in the Gipuzkoan town of Altzo, Arteaga had acromegaly, a disease caused by a defect in the pituitary gland that causes excessive secretion of growth hormones. He grew to weigh 467 pounds and stand 7’4″. Arteaga and his brother traveled through Europe, convinced that people would pay to see the man who came to be known as the “Giant from Altzo.” Their ambitions changed the destiny of their family forever.

The film was nominated for 13 Goya awards, granted annually by the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain. It won 10, including best original screenplay, best new actor and best original score. See the movie trailer online: