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Jaclyn Kettler

Jaclyn Kettler published an article in the Nov. 15 edition of Urban Affairs Forum. “Ada County, Idaho is Growing and so is the Role of Women in its Governance”¬†examined the success of women candidates for local offices, a story Kettler said is largely overlooked in the national media.

Kettler noted that Ada County voters elected two women to the three-member Ada County Commission during the recent elections, making it a women-majority commission for the first time. In addition, women currently hold four seats on the six-seat Boise City Council.

Kettler wrote that when women serve in elected office, they work to ensure that policies incorporate women’s perspectives and addresses issues facing citizens, especially women. Local budget processes and policy deliberations are also generally more inclusive and collaborative when women serve in local governments.

Kettler also noted that research suggests that women in local governments may serve as role models or inspiration, motivating other women to seek public office.