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Steve Swanson

An article, “We went to a flat-Earth convention and found a lesson about the future of post-truth life,” in The Colorado Sun featured Steve Swanson, a retired NASA astronaut and distinguished educator in residence at Boise State.

“It’s tough to fathom people not believing that the Earth is round,” Swanson said.

The article continued: “But, at the same time, he (Swanson) said he could see how people would develop skepticism for authority. And soon the conversation pivoted to science education and how scientists can sometimes be frustrated in answering questions they consider ignorant. Or how researchers will sometimes present findings as absolute truth rather than an understanding based on the best-available data and research.

‘We kind of get on a high horse and preach sometimes,’ Swanson said. ‘I don’t think that’s the best way to do it.'”