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Project Launched Nov. 13 Will Upgrade Boise State’s HR Systems

HCM Project

More than 100 representatives from all Boise State colleges attended the Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud Project kickoff event on Nov. 13 at the Alumni and Friends Center.

Representatives from Baker Tilly also attended the kickoff presentation. Baker Tilly is a globally-recognized consulting firm with previous HCM Cloud implementation experience hired to assist with the HCM Cloud Project. Their support will include project planning assistance, analysis, system design and development, testing, deployment and support.

About the HCM Cloud Project

The HCM Cloud Project will upgrade Boise State’s Human Resources (HR) systems through implementation of Oracle’s HCMCloud software. The project plays an important role in the Office of Human Resource Service’s Great Eight strategy by updating Boise State systems to meet the needs of a modern metropolitan university.

The new HCM Cloud system is scheduled to go live in the spring of 2020.

Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer Mark Heil is acting as the HCM project executive sponsor. He began the kickoff by asking the project team to leave historical processes behind in order to create new, innovative solutions going forward.

“As we move further into the cloud we must consider how decisions we make today will impact our future. We need to design with tomorrow in mind,” Heil said.

IT Program Director and HCM Project Manager Daniel Gold pointed out that 2006 was the last time a major update was applied to our Human Resources system. “In 2006, iPads were still four years away and Netflix didn’t even offer streaming,” he noted.

Guiding Principles

Gold introduced the project’s organizational structure and guiding principles:

• Redefine the “Boise State way” of doing things
• Provide additional self-service offerings for managers and employees
• Accelerate the pace of improvement
• Free our HR team from the data entry grind

Project kickoff art activity
“If You Want to Go Far Go Together”

“Business processes will be reshaped to gain new efficiencies throughout the university,” Gold said. “The system will provide timely access to reliable and understandable data to drive better decision-making and simplify reporting. The system’s automated workflow will streamline the approval process.”

The kickoff event closed with a collaborative change management activity. Attendees broke into small groups and created separate yet integral pieces that, when assembled, created a work of art displaying the message, “If you want to go far, go together.”

“It’s safe to say this project will mean a lot of change,” Gold concluded. “We feel prepared knowing this endeavor is designed to ensure strong collaboration across campus.”

More Information

For questions or additional information about the HCM Cloud project, contact the project’s change management team at