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Karen Nicholas

Karen Nicholas was selected to participate in a pilot for the Center for Transformative Research at Boise State University. Nicholas is one of 15 diverse Boise State faculty that want to seed and grow bold ideas that challenge the status quo in their respective disciplines.

“I am eager to learn with, and from, my fellow Boise State University colleagues across multiple disciplines,” said Nicholas. “As a new arrival to Boise State in fall 2018, this presents me with an opportunity to broaden my scope and scale of research.”

She added that the College of Business and Economics community “has been incredibly welcoming, and I look forward to getting to know further reaches of the campus.”

The pilot program is housed in Boise State’s Division of Research and Economic Development in partnership with the Institute of STEM and Diversity Initiatives. The collective vision of the center is to support and sustain an assertive community. This community will provide professional development for research-active and research-aspiring faculty and postdoctoral scholars, align university structures and cultures to support the germination of transformative research questions and ideas among the participants, and begin the longitudinal tracking of the participants to measure the long-term impact of this model. Over the two years of this grant and the year following the formal project period, thirty participants will receive intense professional development, enhancing their ability to expand their research identity, formulate transformative research questions, and move their bold ideas forward.

For more information about the program, visit the National Science Foundation Awards web page.