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Emilio Amaro Jaramillo and Jennifer Weddel

Boise State University’s Center for Professional Development (CPD) was recognized for two awards at the Conference on Management and Executive Development: winner of the Life-long Learner Award and runner-up for Best Partnership Program 2018.

The Conference on Management and Executive Development is an annual opportunity for executive and professional education programs from colleges and universities all over the world to interact with colleagues, share best practices, learn about new and emerging programs, and recognize one another’s achievements.

Through the conference, the Center for Professional Development nominated a recent graduate of their Prepare to Lead program, Emilio Amaro Jaramillo, for the Life-long Learner Award.

Jaramillo attended CPD’s Prepare to Lead program in 2014, where he stood out for his desire to learn, engagement with the instructor and other class members and strong communication skills. Based on his success in the Prepare to Lead program, CPD awarded him the first-ever full ride scholarship to the eight-day intensive Leadership Development program.

Jaramillo has held multiple leadership roles in Boise State associations and has received recognition and awards for his work since the Prepare to Lead program.

  • Vice president of Boise State Association of Classified Employees 2018-2019 senate
  • Member of Boise State Association of Classified Employees 2018-19 goodwill committee
  • Member of Boise State Association of Classified Employees 2018-19 fundraising committee
  • 2016 Campus Operations Division employee of the year nominee, “Attention to Detail”
  • Leadership Development Certificate, Boise State Center for Professional Development

The conference award recognizes the incredible growth Jaramillo has experienced by participating in CPD’s leadership-focused programming and the role CPD plays in shaping life-long learners and leaders.

Also receiving recognition at the conference was Jennifer Weddel, representing Boise State’s K-12 Professional Development program, which partners with organizations from all over the university, the community and the state to offer high-quality courses both face-to-face and online for K-12 educators. Weddel brought back to Boise a trophy as the runner-up for the Best Partnership program.

In 2017, the K-12 Teacher Professional Development program offered 115,740 hours (through 7716 credits) of professional development to K-12 educators, with over 500 course sections run throughout the year. Weddel is proud of the partnerships CPD has forged throughout the campus to serve this population, particularly Boise State’s College of Education.

“Together we celebrate the teachers as they pass from the College of Education to the world of Professional Development,” she said.

The Center for Professional Development’s K-12 program benefits rural educators who may not have access to face-to-face options with online courses and support. Participants in the K-12 professional development program are able to meet recertification requirements and advance their pay and position within their institutions.

On top of leadership development and K-12 professional development offerings, Boise State’s Center for Professional Development offers a variety of courses and training programs.