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Fátima Cornwall

Documentary director and television host Nelson Ponta-Garça interviewed Fatima Cornwall for the program “Hora dos Portugueses” for Radio Televisão Portuguesa Internacional (RTPI), the international television service of Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, the Portuguese public broadcaster. The broadcast is aimed at migrant Portuguese communities in Europe, Africa, South America and North America, as well as Macao and East Timor.

The program “Hora dos Portugueses” highlights the daily lives of Portuguese immigrants, or people of Portuguese descent, living in Portuguese communities around the world. Cornwall teaches both Spanish and Portuguese classes at Boise State.

Cornwall has taught both Elementary Portuguese 101 and Portuguese for Spanish speakers. She added that the local Portuguese-speaking community has been very supportive of these efforts, usually offering to share their culture with her students. One semester, guest speakers joined Cornwall in teaching students how to dance the Azorean traditional folk dance Chamarrita.

Watch the program online. Cornwall’s section – filmed at Boise State – starts around minute 4:45. The interview was conducted in Portuguese. It originally aired on Jan. 21, 2019.