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Refik Sadiković

Refik Sadiković, adjunct faculty with university foundations, recently returned from Bosnia and Herzegovina where he worked organizing the second International Women’s Summit: Nonkilling Cultures. Sadiković is co-chairing the summit, which will be held in Sarajevo. While there, Sadiković also discussed with country leaders and academics how universities can engage in collaboration and support of education in Bosnia and the Balkans. His international engagement relates closely with his dissertation on equity and opportunity in education.

Sadiković is a refugee who graduated from Boise State with a doctorate in Education, Curriculum and Instruction. During his studies at Boise State, Sadiković contributed extensively to the campus community. He started the Boise State Refugee Alliance and shared his unique perspective to help advance diversity and inclusion, and helped the campus learn more about refugee communities. He now serves on Boise State’s Cultural and Ethic Diversity Board and Refugee Collaboration Team, among others.