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Claire Xiong

Claire Xiong displaying her research

Claire Xiong, an associate professor of materials science and engineering, has been named the associate director of graduate programs for the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering.

“We are excited about this transition,” said Will Hughes, program director. “Building on the structure of the materials undergraduate programs, Claire will lead a thought-leadership and action-oriented committee that is committed to the success of our graduate programs across campus.”

Xiong has been at Boise State since 2012, and has graduated three doctoral students and three masters students, along with mentoring countless other graduate and undergraduate students. Her research focuses on understanding the structure/property/processing/performance relationship of advanced functional materials for energy systems. The interdisciplinary research in her group leverages electrochemistry, surface chemistry, and materials science and engineering. Xiong’s current interests include synthesis of nanostructured electrode materials, probing interfacial and surface chemistry in electrode materials, understanding degradation mechanisms in battery electrolytes and radiation effect in nuclear materials.

“I’m very excited at this opportunity to work with a diversity of graduate students and faculty across campus in support of all things in materials,” said Xiong.

Since its inception in 2012, the materials science and engineering doctoral program has grown to include more than 50 students working with faculty in departments across campus. Graduates of the program are leading successful careers in industry, government and academia. To learn more about the program, contact Xiong, or email