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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Boise State’s Institutional Effectiveness staff presented several sessions at the 2019 forum of the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) held in Denver in May.

Moriah O’Kelley and Gabriel Stephens, research analysts, presented the session “Public Exposure: Using Tableau to Build a Suite of Public-Facing Dashboards.” They discussed how to create a dashboard plan, the key principles of effective dashboard design, and how to implement those ideas in public-facing dashboards. O’Kelley and Stephens shared examples of the principles as applied to the dashboards available on the IR website.

Shari Ellertson, director, facilitated two discussion sessions titled, “Ethics 4.0: Refining our Code for Today’s IR.” Ellertson also served as a panelist with colleagues from Indiana University Bloomington, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Southeastern Louisiana University and Wake Forest University for the session “AIR Needs YOU! Leadership Opportunities in AIR.” These sessions were sponsored by the AIR board of directors, of which Ellertson is a member.

Over 2,000 professionals from across the globe attended the 2019 AIR forum.