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Software Review Requests Ensure Security, Compatibility and Accessibility

The Office of Information Technology supports hundreds of systems, services and software at Boise State.

Each new application purchase adds to that list, and the more software the university buys, the more time it takes to implement, support, manage and maintain that app or system.

Also, if new (or renewed) software is intended for use by students or the general public, Boise State must understand if it is accessible to people of all abilities per University Policy 8140 (Information Technology Accessibility).

Software Review Request Process

A software review request process effectively allows the university to vet proposed software purchases before colleges and departments spend money.

This ensures Boise State isn’t already using applications with equivalent functionality; it evaluates applications for data security compliance; and it identifies and addresses potential issues or concerns with system integrations.

How the Process Works

Requests for new software purchases, or renewals, are submitted through the Project Management Office website. (If a request first goes to the Department of Purchasing or Office of General Counsel, the requester will be directed to the Project Management Office.)

Requesters can browse the University Application Inventory to view software previously approved for purchase, or submit an official software review request. The request includes questions to answer about how the software will be utilized, costs, audiences, and other pertinent information.

Also, the software vendor may need to provide additional information about the application.

Once the required information has been submitted, the requester will receive a confirmation notice.

If the software integrates with Boise State systems, sensitive information will be stored or transferred, and/or if Office of Information Technology support is needed, then the request will be reviewed by a technical advisory group consisting of individuals with specialized skill sets.

The entire process takes an average of five days, although it may take longer if additional answers are needed from vendors about security, accessibility or integration.

When the software is approved, the purchasing process may proceed through the Department of Purchasing and/or Office of General Counsel.

More Information

Please visit the Project Management Office website to submit a request or learn more about the software request review process at Boise State.