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Course Materials Now Listed Alphabetically by Author at the Bronco Shop

Beginning this fall, course materials will be listed alphabetically by author at the Bronco Shop. This new organizational structure will help the Bronco Shop become more efficient and maximize its resources.

The Bronco Shop strives to find ways to continually improve its customer experience. Arranging course materials alphabetically quickly is becoming best practice within the industry and has made a positive impact on students looking for course materials.

Improving the Student Experience

Improved booklist: Students can go online and view their personalized book list sorted by author (mirroring the layout of the text floor), which makes finding course materials in-store easy and efficient. This improved booklist simplifies course materials listed for classes, with only one listing per item regardless of how many courses require it.

Section numbers: The new booklist alleviates the need to know what section a student is in. Often a course can have multiple sections, each requiring different items. The improved booklist and new layout of course materials will help prevent students from buying items for the wrong section.

One book, found in one place: Many different courses may use the same items or texts. The old bookstore layout would have shelved these items in multiple locations, which caused confusion as to whether items were in stock or located in another area of the store. Now, there is a single shelf location for each book, so it’s easy to see all items available.

Improving Course Materials Operationally

Improved Efficiency: The Bronco Shop will be able to utilize its staff support more efficiently with reduced set up time, allowing staff more time to assist students with course material searches and offering a higher level of support to each student.

Reduce time in handling the books: The process of preparing the text area for each term will be faster, with approximately 75 percent fewer shelf tags needed. Organizing course materials by author will greatly reduce the labor hours needed to prepare the text floor for the term.

More Sustainable: Each term, shelf cards are printed multiple times to help arrange and update course materials. Previously, the Bronco Shop would print up to 4,800 shelf cards at a time for this process. Now, staff are able to print around 1,200 cards, greatly reducing the book store’s environmental footprint.

Still unsure about this change?

The Bronco Shop will do the shopping for you – just order online at and choose “in-store pickup.” Staff will pull all your course materials and have them ready and waiting for you at Bronco Express, located right next to the Bronco Shop entrance, across from Lincoln Garage.

With questions or feedback, please contact Michal Jarolimek at