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Lisa Brady’s Book Chapter Explores Korea’s DMZ Nature Preserve

Lisa M. Brady, professor of history, had her chapter, “Valuing the Wounds of War: Korea’s DMZ as Nature Preserve,” recently published by Springer Nature in the book “Collateral Values: The Natural Capital Created by Landscapes of War,” edited by Peter Smallwood and Todd Lookingbill. The volume explores the unanticipated benefits that may arise after wars and conflicts, showing how the preservation of battlefields and the establishment of borderlands can create natural capital in the former landscapes of war. The contributions are global in scope, with chapters on the Cordillera del Condor between Ecuador and Peru, the Iron Curtain, France, England, the United States, Afghanistan and Guantánamo. Brady’s chapter explores the past and future of Korea’s Demilitarized Zone, which is part of her larger research project on the environmental history of the Korean War.