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New Inclusive Excellence Library Guide Available

Boise State English graduate student June Meissner led a project to create a library guide in support of inclusive excellence initiatives on campus. Meissner’s project built on work begun by Tasha Souza, a professor and associate director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, said Amy Vecchione, an associate professor and head of Emerging Technologies and Experiential Learning at Albertsons Library.

The goal of the project was to create a “one-stop resource” for the campus community, Vecchione said.

Topics range from anti-Semitism, to sex and sexism, to advocacy and activism, LGBTQ issues and more.

“June worked carefully to select which resources to highlight. This guide is a start and we intend to add to it over time,” Vecchione said.

June Meissner
June Meissner

“I attempted, when possible to include a range of resources, from basic and lay to complex, critical and academic,” said Meissner. “My hope is that this guide can familiarize readers with these concepts that continue to impact our community.”

The guide represents just a fraction of available material on these topics. “But hopefully,” she said, “it can act as an introduction to some of the public discourse on these topics and an invitation to get involved in this discourse to those who haven’t already.”

The library welcomes the university community to use the collections, including the article databases, books and other resources, and to offer feedback and suggestions.

Find the guide online: