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Bike lane icon design competition opens to students

Center for the Visual Arts
Center for the Visual Arts, Allison Corona photo.

The Department of Public Safety will commission two student artists to redesign bike lane icons on Earle Street connecting the Center for the Visual Arts to Cesar Chavez Lane.

“This project will benefit the bike program on campus by raising awareness about bike infrastructure and increasing student involvement,” said Stephen Ritter, parking and traffic supervisor in the Department of Public Safety and Transportation. “This is a great way to illustrate that biking on campus is not only an affordable and sustainable way to get from point A to point B, it’s also fun.”

Each artist chosen for the project will receive a $500 scholarship. The chosen designs will remain in place for 10 years. All current students are eligible. The deadline for submissions is Nov. 17. View submission details.

“The call is open to all students because we know that all students, whether they are creative writers, engineers, social workers or graphic designers, may live and work in the public art arena someday – as makers, as citizens on selections panels, as taxpayers. We want to give them some practice with the process right here on campus,” said Fonda Portales, university art curator and collections manager who is helping coordinate artist selection.

Contact Ritter at or (208) 780-9743 or Portales at or (208) 426-2541 for more information.