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Horse Power: supporting ACE members in need

The Association of Classified Employees (ACE) has created a new website resource, Horse Power, to support ACE members in need. This page is dedicated to reaching out to the Boise State University community to post the needs of classified employees. Employees who are struggling to afford new work boots or have a family emergency can have their needs posted anonymously or linked to via a fundraising site.

Boise State classified employees who have a need are encouraged to fill out and submit the employee support request form in OrgSync.

To broadcast farther, Horse Power is sharing its first posting:

Jr. Meza’s medical needs

Saul Meza, ACE senator and maintenance craftsman for Boise State Facilities, Operations and Maintenance, is asking for donations to his family’s GoFundMe for his son, Catalina (Jr.) Meza.

Jr. is in critical care after a hit-and-run incident involving a drunk driver. Jr. is a veteran and father. Donations will go to his care, recovery and to support his daughters.

Please donate at