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Spear, Gao and Conger’s research on sugary beverages published

Caile Spear, a professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Health, and kinesiology professors Yong Gao and Scott Conger recently co-authored a research article that explores the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of parents regarding sugary beverages and other beverages provided by parents at youth sports events. The article, titled “Parents’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours Related to Children’s Beverage Consumption in Youth Soccer: A Qualitative Analysis,” was published in the Health Education Journal.

The three faculty members, along with contributions from Nicole Bolter of San Francisco State University and Anna Radin and Hilary Flint of St. Luke’s Health System, conducted focus groups with 24 parents of children that play in recreational soccer leagues in Ada County.

For more information on their findings and to read the full article, visit Health Education Journal.