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Call for 2020 Grand Challenge proposals by faculty and staff

Boise State University faculty and staff are encouraged to submit comments to the proposed university Grand Challenges by Feb. 7. These challenges, as described and established by members of Boise State, will lay the foundation for the path of the university in terms of its future strategic goals and initiatives. Faculty and staff also are welcome to submit additional Grand Challenges concepts and proposals not currently represented.

Proposed Grand Challenges should seek to:

  • Continue and expand our innovative ecosystem,
  • Further our educational mission through research,
  • Contribute to solving the most pressing issues of our time,
  • Produce graduates who are ready to make a difference

“Tony [Roark] and I appreciated the opportunity to brief you all on this important and exciting process central to Boise State’s future at the college meetings. We encourage you to please find the time to participate and be the change,” said Harold Blackman, interim vice president for research.

A non-exhaustive list of potential topics include:

  • Geopolitical stability at the nexus of water; hazards/resiliency institute; energy (no carbon); environment (HES); policy; migration; displacement and belonging; and environmental humanities.
  • Advanced materials and manufacturing in extreme environments
  • Revolutionizing memory and data storage
  • OneHealth, or the health of humans, animals and the environment.
  • Cybersecurity
  • Accelerating and measuring artistic impact
  • Ubiquitous computing
  • Transforming the research university