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Kelly Rossetto named faculty director for GradWell program

Kelly Rossetto, an associate professor in the Department of Communication and Media, will be joining the GradWell team as the new faculty director.

Created in fall of 2018, GradWell is a program that focuses on providing mental wellness education, individual and group mental health counseling exclusively for graduate students, and fostering student community connections.

“It has always been my goal to help improve the lives of others through the work I do and GradWell gives me that opportunity,” said Rossetto. “I study student resilience and how we can influence student well-being through our communication patterns in and out of the classroom. I hope to bring information and strategies to faculty to improve our ability to make an impact for our graduate students.”

As the faculty director of GradWell, Rossetto will be gathering input and inquiring about how faculty can affect graduate student wellness in their classrooms.

“Alongside the GradWell team, I will facilitate discussions and/or workshops to help advance faculty’s role in shifting the culture surrounding graduate student mental health,” said Rossetto.

“We are looking forward to expanding our approach to graduate student mental health with the arrival of Dr. Kelly Rossetto as the faculty director of GradWell,” said Matt Niece, director of Counseling Services at University Health Services.

“Dr. Rossetto will be leading our efforts to provide resources and education for graduate faculty regarding graduate student mental health and wellness. This will include gathering perspectives from graduate faculty about their experiences and concerns, and also providing targeted training opportunities,” he added.

Rossetto, Niece and Brette Stephenson, a graduate assistant for GradWell, will be meeting regularly to coordinate GradWell’s multi-pronged approach of education, resources and activities to ensure that GradWell adaptively develop efforts to improve graduate student mental health across campus.

–By Kinzi Poteet