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Laura King and Lisa Growette Bostaph interviewed about state rape kit legislation

Studio portrait of Laura King.
Laura King

Associate professor Laura King and professor Lisa Growette Bostaph, criminal justice faculty in the School of Public Service,¬†were interviewed by the Idaho Press on state rape kit legislation passed in 2016. The article, “What’s the result of Idaho’s 2016 rape kit legislation? BSU researchers seek answers,” examines the effect of a law passed by the legislature requiring rape kits to be tested in a specific and timely manner,

Portrait of Lisa Growette Bostaph
Lisa Growette Bostaph

“The testing of sexual assault kits is a great step toward responding to these cases more seriously and being sure that victims are receiving the services and attention they deserve,” King said.

The project looking at the 2016 legislation is part of a larger, biennial report focusing on victimization and victim services in Idaho. Funded by the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victims Assistance, the findings will be published throughout 2020 in a series of smaller reports, with the full report being completed by December.

“We have annual reports on how much crime occurs and how many people are offending, but we do nothing on looking at victimization and about people who are victimized,” Bostaph said.